What are the Benefits of Using Scaffolding?

When you have a construction job that requires working at heights there are many different options out there that are available. Scaffoldings are a construction tool that has been used for hundreds of years in countries across the world. The reason for this is the benefits that this tool has to offer over its counterparts. It has been used for hundreds of years because it is effective and has been proved to work where others may fall short.

To fully educate construction personnel of what scaffoldings have to offer, we have put together a short but effective list of their benefits and how you can ensure your crew’s safety.


The reach that you can get with the structure

One of the primary reasons that construction crews choose to use scaffoldings over other tools is that it provides a much further reach than other tools. That means if you were to be working from above the ground you will be able to reach stuff that your crew couldn’t normally work on. This is very effective when jobs require work to be done on higher walls or even ceilings.

The structure works by having a metal apparatus suspend a wooden or fiberglass plank so that workers can stand on top of it at a height. The network of metal pipes can be easily erected and taken down without too much hassle or training either.


Easy to work on angles and positions

There are many other construction tools that let you work at heights such as ladders. However another big advantage that people use scaffoldings for is that the height and reach that they offer is almost more convenient for those working with these tools. Ladders are angled and can be difficult to work on for long periods of time as well as being unsafe.

With scaffoldings, the structure puts the worker parallel to the ground but at a higher elevation. No awkward angles allows for better concentrated work on the building as well as the peace of mind knowing that they are operating safely.

Additionally if the job you are currently performing requires several workers at a time, it is near impossible to get several workers on a ladder to perform their jobs effectively and safely. The big perk about being level with the building is that you also get an option to have a wider reach than other tools. If you desire you can choose to use a longer board which means more than one person can be atop of the structure at a time.




They are safer than any other construction tool

The main reason that companies and worker choose to use scaffoldings over any other type of elevation construction tool is that they are incredibly safe and easy to work with. These structures work by having four anchor points that are grounded at all times to ensure that the platform is stable. Stability for the platform allows the workers to stand, sit and work on it with ease and without the stress of their personal safety.

Other variants of these structures can be made from other material to meet the requirements of the job and to provide the best solution needed. A classic example of this in action is that many western countries choose to use steel or aluminum pipes to form the network for their workers to stand upon. However in eastern countries such as China where they have access to strong and durable types of wood, their networks are made from this material instead. As they have been using this network for a long time, they have perfected the art in erecting and dismantling it in the easiest and safest way possible.


How to ensure the safety of you and your workers

Safety is a big priority for all jobs so ensuring that everything is done correctly is of the utmost importance. To make sure that the job is done safely here are some quick points that should be followed at all times to avoid any potential harm or risk.


Respect the weight limit

Scaffolding networks are designed and planned by engineers where they have calculated the maximum weight limit that is allowed before the structure fails. If you were to exceed this limit the entire network could come down on the workers and any surrounding people or structures. Knowing the safety precautions before you operate with these tools is very important.


Undergo training

Scaffoldings come with their own set of training before you can use them. If you work with them without the training it is one very dangerous and two very irresponsible. These procedures are in place to ensure that things are done safely and correctly. Simply not doing the required training will also exempt you from any claim against the company as you are at fault.


Use the rail and harnesses

Scaffoldings also come with safety rails and harnesses so that you will not slip and fall off the platform. Again not following the safety guidelines is irresponsible and dangerous.