Family Relations – How to Better them?

As a parent you have to juggle a lot of aspects in your life. You have to look in to your work, friends, house management and your family. The essence of a happy and content family life is that the members of the family are happy to be in each other’s company.

It is very important for there to be interaction between the family members. There should be open two way communication between the parents and the children. Sharing the day to day experiences with each other is very important. It is also essential for the parents to give time to listen to what the children have to say however silly or childish the topic may be. On the other hand it is important for the children to pay attention and follow the advice given to them by the parents.

The relationship between the husband and wife is the crux of the family. Putting marriage before any other relation makes a strong base for the family. The husband and wife have to be friends and companions for each other this positive relationship paves the way for the children to create building blocks for their own future relations.

Eating food together is very important activity that needs to be done as a family.  The elders of the family should make it a point to eat at least one meal together as a family. This act of sitting together sharing food brings the family closer.

Putting family before any other social relationship is very important. Everyone has social commitments that they have to fulfill. We all have friends with who we like to distress and meet. But we need to always remember that friends should always come after family.

A strong family bonding not only benefits the existing family members but is also a building block for the entire future generation. The rituals and traditions set by you now will help in keeping the family bonded for generations to come.