5 Tips for Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom makeover can be a very overwhelming task and should be done with right techniques and care. People in the past did not care much about how their bathroom looked. However nowadays people put in extra effort to make sure that each room in their house are done with a lot of care and perfection, including the bathrooms/toilets. Moreover, there are many things that need to be taken under consideration before starting this big job. So let’s shed some light on some good points that need to be kept in mind while doing your bathroom:

  • The size of the bathroom – this will determine the cost and time it will take for the makeover. The bigger the space the more then price and time it will take to renovate.
  • Selection of tiles – for this you will have to again buy according to the size of the bathroom. For instance, if your bathroom space is small you should select lighter color tiles, so that the space looks bigger and brighter.
  • Matching toilet commode and basin – according to the theme and color scheme you are following, you need to select the right basin and toilet commode for it. Make sure you buy something that is comfortable to use instead of just going in for style which later becomes a problem if it’s not comfortable enough for usage.
  • Add a utility cabinet – every bathroom space should have a small if not medium or big sized utility cabinet. Not only do you get to store things in an organized way in it, having a cabinet in the bathroom is a matter of ultimate convenience.
  • Lighting and other electrical – ensure that you have proper and good lighting system in your bathroom. Apart from lights, you need to make sure you add a few power points and an exhaust fan in your bathroom space.